Manager of Learning & Community Services

Reports to: Director of Operations
Start Date: Immediate 
Terms of Employment: Full-time, 35 hours per week
Location: Ottawa, ON

Position Summary:  The Manager of Learning and Community Services is a hands-on position responsible for the management and oversight of contract instructors in the Department of Learning, and volunteers for all Community Services programs. 

Major Responsibilities

  1. Manage and co-ordinate the Department of Learning 

a.    Assist with recruitment/retention of instructors 
b.    Administratively process new instructors 
c.    Ensure organizational policies and procedures are followed  
d.    Maintain instructor files and recertification schedules
e.    Schedule instructors into public and private classes
f.    Assist with training updates and implementation of new curriculum
g.    Provide after-hours phone/email support for Instructors on weekends

2.    Manage existing volunteer programs, in collaboration with a volunteer leadership team: 

a.    Recruit/retain volunteer medical first responders and Therapy Dog teams, 
b.    Complete administrative processing for new volunteer personnel,
c.    Respond to public inquiries for volunteer services, 
d.    Oversee scheduling of volunteer to ensure contracts are staffed, 
e.    Process Patient Care Reports,
f.    Coordinate and process donation requests,
g.    Oversee the organization and maintenance of testing schedules, recertification periods and volunteer hours, 
h.    Process course paperwork before and after volunteer courses, 
i.    Provide staff support to volunteer programs. 
j.    Community networking to ensure sustainability and growth of the program,  

3.    Maintain Photo ID System for volunteers and instructors 

4.    Assist in creating and distribution of a Council newsletter

5.    Assist with fundraising events and public/private events related to volunteer programs

6.    Assist and prepare monthly and annual reports as requested

7.    Assist in developing and implementing an Annual Return/Reconciliation of volunteer and instructor personnel

8.    Assist with the Annual Awards Gala and maintain the Honours & Awards System to recognize SJA Members

9.    Provide support to other Council projects as may be required

Applications are due to by 26 JAN 2022