Occupational First Aid Level 3 (OFA 3)

Course Description

Occupational First Aid Level 3 (OFA 3) is a 70-hour (excluding breaks) program designed for remote worksites or employers with large workforces more than 20 minutes from medical aid. Successful participants will be qualified to work as a WorkSafeBC OFA Level 3 first aid attendant. Initial certification requires full participation and course attendance, plus successful completion of both written and practical exams (held on the last day of the course). OFA Level 3 meets the requirements for the Canada Labour Code (Advanced First Aid) and the Alberta Human Services OH&S Policy (Advanced First Aid).

This is a 70-hour course.
Course Content
Course Content
  • Scene assessment
  • Primary survey and transport decisions
  • Secondary survey
  • Patient positioning
  • Patient packaging
  • Basic skills (jaw thrust, oral airway, suctioning, pocket mask, oxygen administration methods, bag-valve mask and CPR-AED)
  • Being an Occupational First Aid attendant
  • Airway and breathing - Conscious patients
  • Airway and breathing - Unresponsive patients
  • Cardiac emergencies
  • Shock
  • Bleeding
  • Medical emergencies
  • Minor injuries
  • Occupational first aid safety
  • Exposure to heat and cold
  • Effective communication
  • Major injuries
  • Head and nervous system
  • Multiple patient casualties
Course Availability
  • British Columbia

All participants complete a written exam and a practical exam at the end of this course.

Delivery Method
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