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In 1883 Quebec City was the first Canadian branch to teach first aid courses and shortly thereafter courses were being offered in Kingston, Ontario. In the next 10 years, St. John grew to be a national organization and by 1892 had 12 branches teaching first aid from coast-to-coast. In those early years alongside the continued growth in first aid training, St. John also began a proud tradition of volunteer work in our communities. Soon the volunteers of St. John became a common and welcome sight in times of emergency in communities across the country.

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Today, in more than 300 communities across Canada more than 10,000 St. John Ambulance volunteers provide over one million hours of community service per year. The financial contribution of St. John volunteers could be calculated in hundreds of millions of dollars. The contribution to safety of Canadians is immeasurable.

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Dogs are called our “Best Friends” for a good reason: they are incredibly good for your health, and tend to be irreplaceable members of our family, not to mention, they

SJA Digital Transformation Web Design Computer

James Williamson, Director of Information Systems and Technology, and Shawn McLaren, Chief Learning Officer, detail the digital transformation occurring at St. John Ambulance Canada.

Group of people in Alberta with cheque given to therapy dog program

In response to school shootings in Canada and the U.S.A., students from J.C. Charyk Hanna School took it upon themselves to raise money to help support the Therapy Dog program

Tale of a good samaritan sledge hockey player

Para-athlete, sledge-hockey coach, and father, 38 year-old Shawn Lucas was at his son’s hockey practice when he came upon a serious emergency situation on the rink.

First Aid Training

SJA York, in partnership with youth from United Combined Chiefs of Manitoulin group, is working to support healthy lifestyles and community leadership.

Community Service Programs at Federal District Council is stronger than ever!