Emergency Medical Response Program

St. John Ambulance plays a vital role in the critical areas of emergency preparedness and response across Canada. When a natural or human disaster strikes, St. John Ambulance volunteers are there with advanced first aid and life-saving skills, experience and leadership.

The type of services provided by St. John Ambulance during a major emergency or disaster may vary. We provide care in the form of:

  • health care and first aid services in reception centers casualty care at the scene of the event
  • assisting with transportation of ill, injured, infirm to reception or medical facilities evacuation
  • elder and child care

Emergency Response Volunteer Teams also participate in:

  • disaster / emergency drills
  • disaster scenarios
  • disaster or civil emergencies

St. John Ambulance Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Response Teams strengthen the capacity of disaster response and preparedness capabilities through an integrated approach within our communities.

St. John Ambulance is a member of the Disaster Response Service Agencies which include the Canadian Red Cross, The Salvation Army, The Adventist Development and Relief Agency, Christian Reformed World and the Mennonite Disaster Services, among others.

Program varies from province to province, contact your local Council or branch for details

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