Manitoulin First Aid Training
July 08, 2024

SJA York, in partnership with youth from United Combined Chiefs of Manitoulin group, is working to support healthy lifestyles and community leadership.

Many of the communities on Manitoulin Island are hours away from help in the event of an emergency, making the need for knowledgeable first aiders urgent. This outreach program covers six separate band areas across Manitoulin, focusing on tailoring the training to their lived experiences and needs. To date, the York Branch has trained approximately 200 community members ranging in age from 13 to 86.

For the past three years, special focus has been on providing emergency first aid training to youth. This summer, 25 youth were selected to take part in a week-long leadership program. The participants receive emergency first aid training, cultural awareness, leadership training, as well as risk awareness for drugs and crime within the community. St. John Ambulance and the St. John Canada Foundation are proud to help expand the lifesaving footprint on Manitoulin Island.