Emergency Response Unit Volunteers

Thank you for your interest in volunteering with St. John Ambulance!

Before you complete your application, below are some things you should have on-hand to help you complete your application:

  1. Be prepared with your complete contact information, including full name, age, and address so we can help you select the right volunteer location and program.
  2. Be prepared with a list of qualifications and/or professional certifications that you have achieved. For volunteers wishing to join the Therapy Dog Program, be prepared to provide the same information for your dog. (You are required to enter the name, issue and expiry dates and other details about each qualification/certification.)
  3. Be prepared with three (3) references. You must have the following details for your character and/or professional references:
  • Full Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address

Please note that once you are approved to move forward in the process, a criminal record check will be required to become an SJA volunteer.

Please ensure that your application is accurate and complete, and that you follow the instructions carefully.

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Online Courses
Did you know we've made it a lot easier to learn lifesaving skills? Save time and learn at your own pace with a variety of online certified & non-certified First Aid, CPR and Safety Courses.