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Family First Aid

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Taking a first aid course is a great way to help keep yourfamily safe. Besides Standard First Aid, St. John Ambulance offers several specific classes: Pet First Aid, Save That Child, New Parent Workshops, Lifesaver, and more, designed to help individuals and families handle typical emergency situations in the home. 

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New Parent Workshop

The New Parent Workshop is, as one may guess, designed for new parents. However, anyone in regular contact with babies would benefit from this course, including siblings and grandparents.

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Save That Child

Child injuries require timely action, and the majority of child injuries result from accidents in the home. Save That Child is an interactive course that is great for parents, grandparents, and others...

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The Lifesaver course is a customized, non-certified course that introduces participants to First Aid principles.

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Safety on the Farm

Safety on the Farm is a specialized course that introduces participants to safety on the farm and emergency preparedness.

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Babysitting Basics

Babysitting is a job with significant responsibility. This course is for youth aged 11 to 15 years old. It teaches the new babysitter the necessary skills to provide care to children in a variety of...

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We Can Help

Perfect for schools and youth groups! This course is for children between the ages of 7 and 10 and is a wonderful way to introduce them to the concepts of first aid and safety.

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Home Alone

This course is for any young person (aged 10 and over) that will be spending short periods of time home alone. This course covers many issues that will help children and their parents feel more...

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Do You Babysit?
Babysitting can be fun but it's also a major responsibility. Would you know what to do if there was an emergency?