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St. John Canada (Priory of Canada) is the second largest establishment in the Order of St. John, following the Priory of England and supports the mission of the Order of St. John through the work carried out by the St. John Ambulance Foundation and the St. John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem.

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St. John Ambulance is at the forefront, providing first aid training and medical assistance to people in need.  
St. John Canada financially supports the St. John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem, a leading health care and research facility, through donations and contributions from St. John Councils.

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About St. John Ambulance


In any disaster, human or natural, St. John Ambulance Canada volunteers are there to offer assistance, expertise, caring and compassion. Our tradition of coming to the aid of Canadian communities...

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2019 National Investiture

About the Order of St. John


The Order of St. John – its full name is The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem - is one of the world’s oldest humanitarian organizations. This world-wide, non...

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Girl getting eye exam.

About St. John Canada Foundation


The St. John Canada Foundation (“Foundation”) is an incorporated charitable corporation with charitable purposes that include rendering aid to the sick, wounded, disabled or suffering and the...

How we help
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10,000 Volunteers provide one million volunteer hours annually.
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3,500 Certified instructors.
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Canadians trained per year
504,000 Canadians trained in first aid and CPR each year.
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Proceeds from our training programs support services for seniors, youth, and the community.
To assist St. John Ambulance in its support of our communities, St. John Ambulance Canada accepts donations.