Asbestos Awareness


Available in English.

Course Description

Exposure to respiratory hazards is recognized as a major cause of workers’ illness and disability. Research shows that asbestos is the respiratory hazard that causes the most harm to workers. The goal of this eLearning course is to provide participants with knowledge of the dangers of asbestos, applicable regulations, and how to protect themselves against exposure. 

This course is intended for anyone who works in an asbestos-present environment. This typically includes construction workers, or any person that commonly works in or around buildings that were constructed prior to the 1990's.

Course Availability
This course is available in the following locations
  • Manitoba
  • Northwest Territories
  • Nunavut

What you should know

45 Minutes


Course Content
Course Content
  • Knowledge of the dangers of asbestos
  • Applicable regulations
  • Protection against exposure
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