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Classrooom scene - leaning first aid from St. John Ambulance

Standard First Aid (CSA - Intermediate)

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Standard First Aid (SFA) - (CSA - Intermediate) courses meet provincial regulations for workplace first aid across Canada. Each course covers topics such as managing emergency scenes, CPR, wound care, fractures, medical emergencies, mental health, and more. Courses are generally two days and can be taken as a blended online course where available.

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Construction worker doing CPR
OHS Standard First Aid CPR-C & AED

OHS Standard First Aid Level C is for individuals requiring comprehensive information on First Aid and CPR for their workplace, school, or personal interest.

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Two Factory Workers with arms crossed.
Standard First Aid for Industry (OFA Level 1)

The Standard First Aid for Industry course is for anyone wishing to work as a Level 1 first aid attendant in BC, anyone wishing to work as an emergency first-aider in Alberta, police, first responders...

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Mining trucks. Photo by Dominik Vanyi on Unsplash
Standard First Aid for Mines (OFA Level 1)

This course is suitable for workers in the mining industry. On successful completion participants receive a Standard certificate (WorkSafeBC certification available – Standard for Industry with CPR-A...