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Youth First Aid Courses

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St. John Ambulance offers a number of courses geared toward youth: We Can Help, Home Alone, and Babysitting. We Can Help prepares young children with what to do if there is an emergency around them. Home Alone prepares older children for staying home on their own. Babysitting prepares younger teens to care for young children. Courses are 4-6 hours in length and come with a certificate of participation.

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Babysitting Basics

Babysitting is a job with significant responsibility. This course is for youth aged 11 to 15 years old. It teaches the new babysitter the necessary skills to provide care to children in a variety of...

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We Can Help

Perfect for schools and youth groups! This course is for children between the ages of 7 and 10 and is a wonderful way to introduce them to the concepts of first aid and safety.

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Home Alone

This course is for any young person (aged 10 and over) that will be spending short periods of time home alone. This course covers many issues that will help children and their parents feel more...

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Home & Personal Interest First Aid Kits
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The course was thorough and well instructed.
Testimonial item 1 - Author
Rob Patterson, SJA Customer
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The instructor was good; she knew what she was doing. The course material was easy to follow.
Testimonial item 3 - Details
Fantastic, knowledgeable instructor, convenient location, and clean facility.
Testimonial item 3 - Author
Patti Forsyth, SJA Customer
Testimonial item 4 - Details
Great course and well-instructed on a down-to-earth level.
Testimonial item 4 - Author
Marc Nesbit, SJA Customer
Testimonial item 5 - Details
I went in with no knowledge and left feeling great. I seriously could use my new skills to save someone!
Testimonial item 5 - Author
Debbie Blake, SJA Customer