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Alberta/BC Certificate of Portability

Alberta/BC Certificate of Portability


If you are moving from British Columbia to Alberta or vice versa, it is important to understand how Alberta/BC Certificate Portability can help.

Recognizing of out of jurisdiction certificates

In order to comply with the New West Partnership Trade Agreement (NWPTA) and the Canadian Free Trade Agreement, WorkSafe BC has implemented an application process for accepting the credentials of workers trained or certified in other Canadian jurisdictions to meet regulatory compliance in the Province of BC. 

Qualification process

St John Ambulance Alberta is an authorized WorkSafe BC provider for Emergency First Aid – Level 1 Equivalent training and may issue BC Out-of-Jurisdiction certificates for anyone with Alberta Basic First Aid or Intermediate First Aid certificate. (Effective March 31, 2023, training providers updated course names in Alberta to align with the national standard). Industry Out of Jurisdiction (OFA Level 1 Equivalent) and for Occupational First Aid Level 3 – Out of Jurisdiction (OFA Level 3 equivalent).

Eligibility is based on current training level and WorkSafe BC requirements.

Additional information

The application must be made in person. Photo ID, presentation of current First Aid training certificate with a valid date from an OHS-approved agency, and payment of the application fee are required. 

Alberta/BC Certificate Portability $55.00 (price will vary between provinces)


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