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Workplace first aid kit

Maintaining Your Workplace First-Aid Kit: A Simple Guide

Congratulations on wanting to know more about your workplace first aid kit! 

It's a great step towards ensuring the safety and well-being of your employees. Let's go through some essential maintenance tips.

Why is it important?

Think of your first-aid kit as a safety net. In an emergency, every second counts. A well-maintained kit ensures you have the right supplies readily available, potentially saving lives and preventing further harm. It also demonstrates your commitment to employee safety and compliance with WorkSafeBC regulations.

What you need to do:

Assign a responsible person

Treat kit management like any other important task. Assign someone (or a team) to oversee regular inspections, refills, and record-keeping.

Pro tip: collaborate with your JHSC (Joint Health and Safety Committee) or first-aid attendants for a coordinated effort.

Choose the right location

Avoid areas prone to spills, like kitchens or near water coolers. The ideal spot should be:

  • Visible: Easy for everyone to find in an emergency.
  • Clean and dry: Protects the kit and contents from damage.
  • Accessible: Easy to reach without obstacles.
  • Secure: Out of reach of minors.


Pro tip: Organize a tour to show co-workers your kit locations and how to access the kits, and introduce your first aid attendant/s.

Regularly keep track of contents

Expiry dates: Most items have expiration dates. Replace them before they expire to ensure their effectiveness.

Inventory list: Create a list of contents upon purchase, including the date. This helps track inventory and identify expiring items during inspections. Check your new workplace kit, which may include a pre-filled supply list.

Kit condition: Regularly check the zipper, pockets, and overall condition of the kit. Replace it if damaged, as it can hamper emergency response.

Pro tip: Used up most of your kit contents? Save money and hassle by purchasing a refill or a new kit instead of buying individual replacement items.

Find the first aid refill kit you need here.

Regular inspections

Empower a staff member to conduct regular inspections and maintain records. We recommend you inspect your workplace kit monthly.

Use the following checklist as a guide:

  • The inspection date and inspector name appear legibly on the form
  • Inspect kit condition (damage, wear and tear, the interior is clean and dry)
  • Kit location (visibility, cleanliness, accessibility)
  • Inspection reports (availability and order)
  • Content comparison with the list (replacements and expired items)
  • Removal of used/damaged items and waste
  • Proper organization of items
  • Security from minors


Pro tip: Keep a stack of inspection record forms readily available in the kit for easy access.

Internal Communications

Now that you know the basics of a workplace first aid kit, it's time to get the word out to your colleagues. Sharing this information helps everyone stay safe and keeps the workplace prepared.

Consider involving your company's Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC). They likely have communication channels already in place to reach all teams and first aid attendants efficiently.

What to include in your communication:

  • Location of each workplace first aid kit
  • Instructions on the use of the workplace first aid kit, including any required paperwork and administration
  • Links to further information and resources at WorkSafeBC
  • Name and contact information for the company's first aid attendant
  • Joint Health and Safety Committee contact information


Pro tip: Your workplace first aid kit communication is the perfect time to remind employees to update their first aid certification.

Following these simple steps, you can ensure your workplace first-aid kit is always ready for any emergency, demonstrating your commitment to a safe and healthy work environment.


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