British Columbia Workplace Kit Regulations
Emergency First Aid CPR-B & AED
Standard First Aid CPR-B & AED
Instructor Development Program (IDP) - Recertification
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The program consists of five days in-class to develop the necessary knowledge and skill to effectively teach first aid. Following the in-class portion, instructor candidates will be paired with experienced instructors to team-teach to further develop their skills.
CPR-BLS & AED (Recertification)
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The Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR course is for those working in healthcare and covers advanced CPR techniques.
CPR-A & AED (Recertification)
Mental Health and Wellness for the Workplace (Virtual)
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This course was developed with assistance from the TEMA Foundation to help all workers in all work environments to better recognize when a colleague is experiencing a mental health injury. This one-day course helps participants better recognize the signs of possible mental health injuries and how/where to get help.
Emergency First Aid CPR-A & AED - Recertification
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The Emergency First Aid Level A course is for individuals who require basic information on First Aid and CPR for their workplace, school, or personal interest.