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A group of children learning CPR from an SJA first aid instructor.

Youth Cadet Program

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St. John Ambulance’s Youth Program provides coordinated and progressive opportunities for young people age 6 to 17 years to become valued and vital members of the community.

St. John Ambulance's Youth Cadet Program is a structured health-oriented program that provides youth with opportunities for social, educational and personal development through training, local community volunteering service, leisure activities and participation at special events. Youth gain confidence by learning first aid skills and how to manage themselves and others during an emergency. Social and personal development is encouraged through community service, educational bursaries, camping and other fun recreational activities.

Our Youth Program grows with your child to ensure the material they learn is relevant and engaging.

Junior/Basic (Ages 6-10) – The focus is on first aid, healthy living and having fun!

Cadet/Intermediate (Ages 11-15) – Focus moves more towards personal development through community services. Youth are given the opportunity to participate in events under the guidance of a Youth Leader.

Crusader/Advanced (Ages 16-17) – Youth learn more advanced first aid techniques and begin to develop leadership skills through community service programs.

Youth Leaders (18+) – Youth train and supervise junior youth members.

Please contact your local branch or council for program availability.



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