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Honours, Awards & Scholarships (BC & Yukon)

Tribute to the Dedicated: Nominate Now

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Honours and Awards

Recognize exceptional commitment to community service by nominating a deserving member for our Honours & Awards. These programs celebrate individuals who embody the spirit of service and excellence. Start your nomination submission today and honour the remarkable contributions within our community.

Nomination Deadlines

Spring submission: March 1
Fall submission: September 1

Funding Your Dreams: Apply for Our Scholarships

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Scholarships & Bursary

Advance with our Scholarship Programs, tailored for members eager for educational and professional growth. Offering financial aid to deepen your skills, these scholarships embody St. John Ambulance's values of education and community service. Start your path to academic and professional excellence by applying now.

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Discover Our Legacy: Explore the Honours, Awards & Scholarship Program

The Order of St. John - Honours

Admission to or promotion within The Order celebrates the spirit of humanitarian service, offering a pathway to recognition for those dedicated to its mission.

With a commitment to merit, this program honours individuals who have significantly contributed to the goals of The Order through their volunteerism, skill, and sustained dedication. It’s an opportunity for Canadian citizens or permanent residents over 18 to be part of a legacy of excellence where service transcends ordinary expectations.

Nominations, exclusively from current Order members, highlight the impactful work of nominees, extending honours to those who represent our humanitarian mission. This is a chance to recognize and uplift those dedicated to our values, enhancing the Order's legacy.

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St. John Medallion

The St. John Medallion recognizes the extraordinary commitment of St. John Ambulance volunteers, staff and supporters through three distinct honours: the Medallion for Dedicated Service, Distinguished Service, and Excellence in Philanthropy.

The St. John Medallion celebrates significant volunteer contributions, exceptional employee service, and outstanding philanthropic efforts that advance the mission of St. John. Nominations are open to the St. John community, with specific criteria and annual quotas ensuring that recognitions remain special and meaningful. Each award highlights the dedication and impact of those within the St. John family, honouring their contributions to the organization and the wider community.

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Scholarship Programs

St. John Ambulance proudly presents the Dr. Po Tin Chak Scholarship and The Sidney R. Sharman Legacy Fund Scholarship, enhancing educational opportunities for our committed young volunteers. These scholarships are designed to support SJA volunteers over 18 years of age pursuing post-secondary education in medicine and related fields.

We encourage our volunteers to apply for these scholarships, a step towards academic excellence and community service. Embrace this chance to grow professionally with St. John Ambulance's support.

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St. John Ambulance also supports the educational aspirations of its members and volunteers through various bursary and award programs.

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King Charles III Coronation Medal

King Charles III Coronation Medal

The King Charles III Coronation Medal celebrates 30,000 individuals of all ages and backgrounds who have significantly contributed to their communities. Focusing on service, environmental sustainability, and diversity, this medal honours those who have positively impacted their communities. 

St. John Ambulance proudly participates as a nominating partner, recognizing the exceptional service and dedication of our volunteers. This is a prestigious opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate those who exemplify our commitment to making a difference.

The nomination is not closed.

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